Motoactv Discontinued?

There is a lot of confusion going on about the demise of Motorola’s Motoactv. No one knows exactly what is going on. Certainly the Price drop through Amazon caused a lot of confusion. I personally think its a shame if it is discontinued, I believe Motoactv is in  a very special place as far as the market goes. The concept of combining music with the human body is AMAZING! I must add also the versatility of using your phone with the device is awesome.

Now some of the rumors going around are:

  • Motorola is coming out with an improved version of the device making it Waterproof. ( I HOPE!)
  • Motorola is completely getting rid of the device and the price drop is to dump all inventory, and will continue to offer technical support for the next 2 years.
  • Motorola is stepping back and doing a type of checks and balances to see if they will continue to offer the product.
  • Motorola is working a deal to sell the Motoactv to another company.

Again these are just rumors. I would hope they keep going and take a little bit more time to fix some of the software kinks people keep having.



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